Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pearson Coming to JU

At long last, we have finalised the dates for Pearson to come and interview the candidates from Edit Pub. They will be here over 5,6 and 7 April. On 5 April from 4 to 8pm we will have the final presentations by current students. This means about forty minutes per 'company', and 8-10 minutes per person.
On 6 April from 4pm we will start with a half-hour copy test for all the prospective interviewees. Then interviews from 5.30pm.
Ex-students of the course are welcome to present themselves for the copy test and interview. They should arrive on the 6th by 4pm.
If there is any overflow of interviews, we will continue from 4pm on 7th April.
All events in the AV Room of the English Department, JU.
To sum up:
5 April 4-8pm Project presentations by current students. Ex students need not come for this but can sit in and observe if they wish to do so.
6 April 4-4.30pm copytest
4.30-8pm interviews
7 April 4-6pm interviews.