Wednesday, 30 December 2015

EditPub 2016: List of Selected Candidates

  1. Tanima Ghosh
  2. Aurko Mitra
  3. Shatarupa Brahma
  4. Sohini Datta
  5. Sulagna Dasgupta
  6. Debadrita Mitra
  7. Nandini Mitra
  8. Shalmi Barman
  9. Yash Bhattacharya
  10. Anupama Singh Choubey
  11. Aparajita Bhattacharya
  12. Aditi Chatterjee
  13. Jyoti Kataria
  14. Debarna Banerjee
  15. Binita Majumdar
  16. Purnima Lama
  17. Shulagna Basu
  18. Ujjainee Roy
  19. Somdutta Saha
  20. Anwesha Kar
  21. Pritha Sengupta
  22. Dipawali Mitra
  23. Moupali Nandy
  24. Poorvi Ghosh
  25. Indira Bhattacharya
  26. Soutrik Dey
  27. Arundhati Dey
  28. Anwesha Roy
  29. Debakshi Dutta
  30. Indrani Bose
Waiting list

  1. Chandreyee Das
  2. Rituparna Das
  3. Riddhi Mukhopadhyay
  4. Debapam Chakrabarty
  5. Bedbyas Datta

Admission to the course will take place on 5 January 2016 from 5:30 pm in the classroom of the School of Cultural Texts and Records (see below). The course fee of Rs 10,000 is to be paid preferably on the same day or by Friday 8 January.  The fee may be paid through cheque or demand draft payable in Kolkata, made out to the ‘The Registrar, Jadavpur University’.

Unless specified, most EditPub classes will take place at the new classrooms of the School of Cultural Texts and Records. These rooms are located on the top floor of the Rabindra Bhavan building (next to Darshan Bhavan), five minutes' walk from Gate No. 5. If you have trouble finding the classrooms, please refer to the map below.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Freelancing for Pearson

Pearson  Global Editions is looking for Freelance Editors

Freelance editors will:
·         work with Global Editions (GE) in-house editors to deliver copyedited material that is clear and consistent.
·         work to correct spellings, grammar and punctuation; check content for consistency and styles; and reword or rewrite content, if required.
·         work on multiple formats including, but not restricted to, teaching manuals, study guides, solutions manuals, companion websites, and various Pearson eLearning platforms.
·         check authorial submissions to see whether complete sets of material have been received; compile lists of missing material; and track the receipt of such material through to completion.
·         analyze feedbackfrom review panels regarding GE material and manage revisions with GE contributors using this feedback, in collaboration with GE in-house editors.

Ideal candidates would be very comfortable with Microsoft Word and competent with Microsoft Excel. They wouldn’t need to be an expert in the subject they are working on, but they should be comfortable editing material ranging from economics to computer science. They will definitely have input from GE in-house editors throughout the process to help them evaluate the material they are working on.

Candidates who are interested should email their résumés to

Please include your phone number in your résumé.