Sunday, 20 May 2007

editing can be beautiful!

Here's a beautiful sentence this desk person encountered in a reporter's copy in May, apart from the inevitable 'not only, but also', 'that only too,' and the 'pall(s) of gloom' that accompany the reporter's repertoire 'each and every' day:

"We are planning to beautify our beautiful city in such a way so that one can be impressed after he visits a beautiful sight beautified by us in our beautification process too," said Mr. X...(in the context of a civic beautification drive)


Erythrocyte said...


Pradipta said...

... accompany the reporter's repertoire?

olidhar said...


could i add that in the mountaineering journal i am reading, they keep saying 'I submitted' in place of 'I summitted'. i get confused every time.

and may I have an invite, please?