Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Job Openings: More Pearson

Pearson require two more commissioning editors in the fields of business and economics. Detailed knowledge of these subjects is not needed: the candidates must have good language skills and sound editorial sense. The rest can be learned on the job. If there are enough candidates to justify the trip, Pearson will send someone to Cal to interview you, otherwise you'll have to go to Delhi to be interviewed. Travel expenses will be provided.

These are full time positions with salaries, not stipends. The actual amount will depend on the candidate's qualifications and skills.

Also Debsena Banerjee tells me a children's publisher in Delhi is looking for a junior subeditor and a senior ediot. Contact him at to learn details.


fafnir said...

a senior "ediot" (?)*...

*The question mark (?), also known as an interrogation point, query or eroteme, is a punctuation mark used mid-sentence to mark a merely interrogative phrase, where it functions similarly to a comma, such as in the single sentence "Where shall we go? and what shall we do?", but this usage is increasingly rare. The question mark is not used for indirect questions. The question mark character is also often used in place of missing or unknown data. [from wikipedia]

RBC said...