Monday, 19 March 2012

Opening at Pearson in Calcutta

The world's leading learning company may be looking for you.

Pearson is an international media company with world-leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing. In India, Pearson Education has established itself as a leading presence, and continues to grow at an exciting pace.

We're looking for...
A smart, bright-eyed and enthusiastic youngster with an interest in the education publishing industry and a willingness to take up an entry-level job and work her way up. We're not overtly concerned about your grades, but only charming, charismatic people with a flair for public speaking and good presentation skills will be considered.
The profile is that of a Product Specialist who would be a part of the School Editorial team and would be involved extensively in marketing activities including workshops and product briefing sessions. Although Pearson's head office is in Delhi (or NOIDA, to be precise), we're looking for someone based in Kolkata.
Warning/Incentive (depending on your point of view): The job entails a fair amount of travelling. Work hours will be absolutely crazy for about six months of the year, but the remaining six months will also be a bit of an extended holiday.
If interested, do drop a mail at or You could also call with queries at 9899077754.

Diyasree Chattopadhyay
Manager - Marketing

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