Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Project Presentations 2018

According to the draw of lots conducted yesterday, the groups will present in this order:

Tuesday, 10 March 2018
Group 1: Rosebud Children's Books
Group 2: FrameWork 10

Wednesday, 11 March 2018
Group 3: Watermelon Books
Group 4: Screaming Silver Fantasy and Fiction

Thursday, 12 March 2018
Group 5: Inner Light Press
Group 6: Big Productions

Friday, 13 March 2018
Group 7: Express Research and Publishing
Group 8: Gimlet Press

Please note that each presentation will be forty-five minutes long, with fifteen minutes allotted for questions. Ideally, every member of each group should present a small part, but that is optional, depending on how each group has divided their responsibilities.

More importantly, in the interests of fairness, please submit these documents by 21:59 on Sunday, 8 April 2018. Please send them by e-mail to the Editing and Publishing e-mail address.

i. The concept note.
ii. The private note to the publishing manager with the author CV(s).
iii. The proposal letter to the author(s).
iv. The look-and-feel of the book (for designers) and/or the design brief and blurb (for editors).
v. The marketing strategy.

Please send these as MS Word (or better, PDF) documents set in a decent and easily legible font (12-point Times New Roman for the notes and letters, but an equivalent will do). If you send images, please send low-resolution ones below 1 MB in size - reserve the higher-resolution versions for your presentation. The final presentation need not be sent, but the documentation must be, so we have enough time to read them.

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