Thursday, 28 February 2013

Freelance Work at Pearson Education - Updated

Daniel Luiz's e-mail address is

He has asked me to inform anyone interested in doing freelance editing that they may do an exercise created by him. This exercise can be downloaded by the candidate and he/she will be allowed more time to complete it.

Unlike the results of the test conducted on 19 February 2013, the results of this exercise will be made available to those who take it. Therefore, it will be a good indicator of how the candidates' editing skills have developed. I strongly recommend that all students and alumni of the course (as well as non-students interested in freelancing) attempt it.

Daniel has sent me the exercise, along with certain instructions. The files for it can be downloaded from
His instructions, as sent in an e-mail, are:

You can take as long as you want, and use Google, Wikipedia, and to your heart’s content—just make sure that you’ve done the best you can with all the resources at your disposal. I’m also sending you a short PowerPoint presentation that covers some of the basic elements that appear in most house styles. It’s no Butcher’s Copy-editing, but it should give you some idea of what to look for while editing a manuscript.

I also recommend that you read Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. The print version is surprisingly difficult to find in bookstores, but Strunk’s 1918 edition is available here: This slim volume should be required reading for anyone who wants to write readable prose, and will serve you well even if you choose not to pursue a career in editing. 

When you’re done, send the edited file to with your name in the file name separated by underscores (for example, CE_section_daniel_luiz). I
f you have any problems with the files or need something clarified, feel free to contact me. Good luck.

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