Monday, 25 February 2013

Watermelon Books - Profile (2012-13 Batch Project)

What started out as a partnership in Mumbai by a group of women in 1997, soon became a publisher of women's titles (House and Home and Saheli, to name a few). Watermelon Books aimed at the hordes of female trainfarers travelling in and around Mumbai as its prospective audience. With dissension rising among the partners over "sensationalizing" the content of these magazines, the company started declining, with a failed attempt in the Nineties to make a comeback with a series of Romance novels. 
             However, a group of young and aspiring editors have now taken the challenge of raising "Watermelon" to new and unforeseen heights of glory in the publishing world. Our books are meant to draw the attention of middle-class women who indulge in daily soaps and dramas on television.We also plan to launch a series of youth-based campus-love stories and inter-communal tales of passion in the face of social stigmatization. Our other projects include a non-fiction popular reference book regarding Indian love habits, a satire of saas-bahu serials and a series of "his-and -hers" tongue-in-cheek guides to dating in the Indian context for the young urban professional.


Trismegistus said...

An interesting profile, but I suggest that you check your formatting. For example, in blog posts, indentation of paragraphs is inadvisable because different browsers will display the text differently.

pritam bhaumik said...

Thank you for your precious comment Sir,we will try to work out on the indentation part.
Watermelon Team.