Saturday, 16 March 2013

Press Visit - 2012-13 Batch

A regular feature of the Editing and Publishing course is a visit to an actual press, where its operation and production schedules are explained by the people who work there. This year, we are scheduled to visit CDC Press, which is run by Ronnie Gupta, who will talk about printing on Friday, 15 March 2013.
Since the visit needs to take place during the daytime, it will take place on a Saturday. Owing to the size of the class,.Mr. Gupta has agreed to allot two Saturdays to us for the press visit. On each day, 23 students will visit the press.  The first batch will visit the press on 16 March 2013, the second on 23 March 2013.

The press is located on Pottery Road in the old Bengal Pottery Complex off C. I. T. Road. On both days (pending confirmation), we should assemble at Jadavpur University at 1 p.m. and go from there to the press. We hope to be done by about 4:30 p.m. Students who can bring cars are requested to do so, since the press is located well away from the nearest bus stop. Those unable to fit into the cars will take taxis.

This press visit is compulsory.

The students who went on 16 March are:
  • Abhijit Dutta
  • Abira Nath
  • Amrita Dutta
  • Ananya Adhikary
  • Angana Moitra
  • Anindita Banerji
  • Anuja Khatua
  • Anwesha Rana
  • Avinash Noel Antony
  • Debani Deb
  • Deeptesh Sen
  • Hiya Chatterjee
  • Sulagna Chattopadhyay
The students tentatively set to go on 23 March are:
  • Aishani Roy
  • Amrita Kar
  • Arnab Chakraborty
  • Barsha Saha 
  • Biaas Sanyal
  • Chandrani Datta
  • Debjanee Chakrabarti
  • Devika Singh
  • Diya Sinha
  • Indrani Banerjee
  •  Jhelum Roy
  • Joyinee Ganguly
  • Lopamudrra Chatterjee
  • Marilyn Kwan Kharkongor
  • Mithu Karmakar
  • Moinak Choudhury
  • Nibedita Sen
  • Pritam Bhaumik
  • Ritwika Sanyal
  • Rudrani Gangopadhyay
  • Rudrani Mukherjee
  • Sanhita Sinha
  • Saptarshi Deb
  • Sayani Biswas
  • Shahana Yasmin
  • Shinjana Mukherjee
  • Shinjini Chattopadhyay
  • Shubhankar Das
  • Sreyashi Mukherjee
  • Sumit Singha
  • Tina Kaviraj
  • Upasana Saraswati
  • Vedatrayee Banerjee
No more changes can be made to the schedule. Reasons for not wanting to go to the press on the 23rd must be provided to Dr. Abhijit Gupta.


Monidipa said...

This was one of the most enriching parts of my course. If you guys had gone just one Saturday after, I'd have tried to come along.

Moo Kay said...

The following will be going with the 2nd batch:
Jhelum Roy
Chandrani Dutta
Diya Sinha
Amrita Kar

Anwesha Rana said...

Sulagna Chattopadhyay is going with the first batch.