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Structural Editing Assignment

Put this piece in order, write instructions between paras on how to fix structural issues, copyedit it and submit. Use margins for notes.
Utopia is ideal an community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico-legal system. It is usually an isolated ideal system in equilibrium  is perfect. A static equilibrium is where the system is devoid of crises or problemses. This idea of equilibrium is very fragle and usually crumbels when faced with a unijue and novel crisis or problem. This idea of equilibrum also renders progress impossible as the socio-politico-legale system is perfect as it is and does not require or faclitate change and the processes of bettrment and proress are rendered obsolete.

A more stable and practical approach of creating a utopia is where the equilibrium is dynamic. This entales that there is costant crisis but the sotiety is equiped to come up with solutions for each of them. Hence the society progresses and mutates to accommodate the crises faced along the way. Not only would such an idee of equilibrium help find solutions for problems faced, but it can also pre-empt problems that might arose in the future and equip itself in such a way as to overcome them.

An isolated system is considered for similar cutting reasons of cutting down external factors that may cause disruption interruption. The utopia which is being created here will hence be an isolated system possessing a dynamic equilibrium state.  The social system is loose-based on the situate of our sub-continent as it provides enough socio-cultural and economic diversity. It is planned to design questionnare for youths to fill regarding intentions for state run utopia society.

            The basic problem faced by all utopian structures is that when a person or a group of people are vested power, their inherent nature is to acquire more and preserve it just amongst themselves cliquism or neoptism. Hence the aim exercise is to nullify that happening and to ensure that no one is vested with contrastingly more power than others ie rich poor, famous unknowns, big small. This can be ensured by employing a two-step voting system, firstly to elect candidates into the legislature and secondly to ensure they do not acquire unhealthy amounts of power by giving the general population the right to vote for the policies suggested by the legislature. Legislatures becomes the executives only for implenetation fo policies which people can referendum online on petitions sites. Legislature can propose and advertise but voting is by the peoples online. Everything go for referendum before parliament debates. Parliament has to pass majority supported bills as they are rubber stamps.

Every individual in the nation will be issued a unique identification number. Each individual has the option to choose their mode of voting. Since their identity number is unique, voting can be done only once and on a database through electronic mediums like the computer or the cellular phone. This greatly reduces the time taken for the entire voting process as simultaneity of voting is highly increased. The database where the voting is conducted will also show the immediate results as and when an individual has voted. Thisderiving licence, passport etc. one ducment instead of man y number is also tax account number, and people can change city, job, telephone etc oonly on strength of id no.

Illiteracy is a big hurdle in the practicality of this system. So the illiterate populaces will have polling booths which are equipped with devices with the said database as an interface. Spekaing mechines and keyboards will guide them through voting processed.  speaking the vernacular of the area or the preferred vernacular of the voter. This way, the errors faced due to illiteracy can be reduced. This can be further reduced through an efficient educational system which is as follows. Follows.
The educateds need nots be in the school or colleges but can get from home. Thus even the housewives or disableds shall not miss out on the educations, they shall be able to also learn anything they require through cooking sites, wikis, all these things.

Land ownership
All land will be owned by the state on a horizontal basis. Agricultural land will also be owned by the state and will be divided into quadrants on a practical by basis and farmers will be employed on a salaried bases to work on these agricultural lands. There will be a basic and very reasonable minimum required standard of performance depending on the land and climate, failing which will cost one his/her job as farmer people. As mentioned before, the ownership of a farmland will not be solely on a hereditary basis and a minimum level of education (basic school leaving examination) is required for an individual to be eligible for this. Online accreditation for the farmers inlcude soil knowledges, stock leeping, .retail tehoryes and also agribusinesses.

Coming to possession of inhabitable land, an individual can only own a maximum of one horizontal tract of land per state which is taxable by the state. He can however upgrade to a bigger tract of land provided he gives up his erstwhile place of residence for sale.  Subletting will be banned. A housing development corporation will be present and effective to provide residence to people who cannot afford the minimum cost of buying inhabitable land. Farmers will live and farm. Since there is online facilities for most other works, they can be the stay at the rurals places they are working there.

Individuals wishing to engage in private enterprise could buy habitable space near the place where he could acquire resources for the enterprise. Since there are no hereditary land rights, incidents like Singur or Nandigram would not arise. People would find it easier to travel for work or pleasure as residence in any place would be contingent and temporary. Ancestral housing will be tenanted but not owned.

Education shall be delivered on a demand basis. Private individuals havign skilland knowladge shall be required to give vlountary teachign time onlinee. Syllabi shall not be prescriptive but rather suggestional. Kids will create their own pace of the learnings. Exams will not have time limits only or fixed dates. Anyone can click and take. Accreditation shall be overseen by the state and as this is delivered online the cost of individual teaching will drop drastically. Tecahers will have choice of teaching and kids can take any class advertised online that they chooose. ,universitys will be aboloushed.
Conclusions. I have found that the questions the youngs wiches to ask as all about the education and the politics. They are not conerned so much for the interpersoanl and the childcare. This reflects their demographies/
The judiciary system will be independent, beyond and supreme to the legislature as it is usually. The ideal situation of consitution shall be required to exist on the ground. Implementation is key.  Due to the variable measuring possibility of human error being reduced drastically, the judiciary will not face a crisis or be effective enough to pose a crisis on the nation on any scale, hence the chance of coups or state terrors are lowredd. Power is split between judiciary system and enforcement. Due to the absence and/or ineffectiveness of political parties due to the two tier voting system, the judiciary has more reason to be neutral and impartial of thinking.  Amendment will require further process of law. Private legal aid will be abolished and all lawyers will be maintained from tax money. A special fund will be created for legal aid for citizens who are involved in cases. No one will be able to ‘buy’ the best legal brains. The judiciary will also ensure that the legislature cannot interfere with a policy or an act after it has been voted on and passed. It will guard the peoples rigth to vote on table d bills.

On a personal level, a social security system will be in effect to provide a minimum amount of money to people without an employment but only in the case of this unemployment being a result of physical shortcomings. A social security system will also be in effect for victims of natural disasters and criminal activities, especially women. A portion of the taxable money from an individual will mandatorily go to a medical insurance fund.

Healthcare will also be absolutely a state agenda and not privatized. Hospitals shall not charge money but will be given corpus fund at start of fin year. Since the education is also a state run agenda, the state will have intellectual copyright over patents and all profits benefits the state. However an individual who innovates in medicine and science may earn monetary incentive similar to royalty from the sale of his innovations with rarer and bigger innovations having a higher percentage of royalty (for example, cancer medication which is massive in importance but meager in sales). This way medicine will not have patents and the cost of healthcare on an individual basis is highly reduced. Individual merits shall be encoruaged alos with pretige awards and listins thus clebrity will reward the innovators

The inland security system or the police system will also be beyond the legislature but directly under the judiciary. An individual will have the right to appeal to the police and the judiciary via personal mediums such as the telephone or the computer. The police are answerable to the judiciary by default regarding any case that has been appealed to the court. Due procress tha shall be monitorable by victims family and friend but private to others. Questions can be asked in parliament about individual cases.

The defense policy in case of external attack can just be a standard first strike policy. Military spending is the inalienable of the staet. Border patrol must be vigiliatn and as the utpopia will be atrractice to outsiodeers. Outside redugeess such as have come from Partition times will now be economic migrants the healthcare and education will be temtping and attracive.

While a favorable solution could not be found for this problem, simultaneously this utopia being an isolated system, the chances of an emergency or wartime situation with an alien threat can be bypassed altogether. If borders are impermeable outside threat whether of refuigee or of military can be stopped there. As for ICBM attacks, for thie wee need good and alert air force. Stnadign ground trooops can be disbanded or turned into remote survellianee ce. Foering policy will be downscaled as our needs of outside things will decrease. As is already happneing, we will become net manufactorers exporting to the west and so will not need to engage in foreign.
Threat response
In emergency situations where on the spot decisions are to be made, the vote for changing policies will be inefficient due to the time taken. On the other hand, if defense policies are solely discussed to the discretion of the legislature and the judiciary, chances are that this power will be usurped and manipulated to bring in fascism. Hence tehre must be hairtrigger responding cell inside PMO.

The above mentioned utopian system has been structured in a “periphery to core” method. This is because of the essentiality of crisis on a familial level in order for a family to feel necessary to be part of a bigger community. Several small crises that may arise from the above system have indeed been noticed but not considered as stray crises on a small level works very ineffectively and insignificantly. In case of the crises growing in magnitude, the system facilitates individuals to address these problems with effective and fast solutions. Communication is key: if enough people have the same problem, they will solve it.

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